Colour shapes lines movement dots spots and design. My middle name really is Mischief and i love to paint. My mind is spinning with ideas, and i am trying new things all the time.

I am self taught and like to experiment with different styles and subjects. Acrylic and a brush is my main weapon of choice but i also like to dabble in mixed media, play around with spray paint, poscas, doodle and draw. I also love to paint BIG - give me a wall and i will paint you a mural. Its so much fun, lets do it! 

I love to create kinetic, bold, vibrant, statement artworks to transform your space. 
I am a mum of 2 energetic boys under 10. 

I have always been very lucky to be surrounded by creative people who have encouraged creativity and expression.  I love to play with colour, painting abstracts, flowers, underwater scenes, birds and landscapes and people. I have no formal training, I love to experiment with different ideas and mediums and I pick up tips from all the creative people in my life

Painting makes me happy and I hope that my artworks will bring you joy too. Creativity is contagious… Pass it on